Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shortfilm - Sapere Aude

Sapere Aude is the name of our upcoming short-film which will be release in two weeks.  

Sapere aude is a Latin phrase meaning "dare to discern". Originally used by Horace, it is a common motto for universities and other institutions, after becoming closely associated with The Enlightenment by Immanuel Kant in his seminal essay, What is Enlightenment?. Kant claimed it was the motto for the entire period, and used it to explore his theories of reason in the public sphere. Later, Michel Foucault took up Kant's formulation in an attempt for a place for the individual in his post-structuralist philosophy and come to terms with the problematic legacy of the Enlightenment. -Wikipedia-

I told you in my last Blog post that it is a fantasy story. We want to show with the film that books, whatever kind of book,  are alive in our own imagination. We have three random actors who are reading books at their favorite places. As they read along we want to show their fantasy with some sophisticated Visual Effects shots..And you can imaging what a mind is capable of imagining.

I´ll keep you updated. Best regards Arvid

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