Monday, October 18, 2010

Music video for Persian Pop Star VALY PART2

Hello people, just wanted to show you some progress on the Music Video. In this picture sequence you can see Valy transform into a motorcycle which was done in Maya and After Effects. Today I will work on three more transformations, valy into concept car, aircraft and an android robot.
(The background is just for preview purposes, not the final version)

Other then that, the SAE Alumni Award show in Berlin was really great. Met lots of interesting people and had a great after party :)
See you until the next post.

Arvid Schneider


  1. das ja hewie - wuste garnicht das du jetzt an einem Music Video birsach bist!
    naja - enjoi!

  2. Hey Urs that look's Good I wonder how the end result will look hope to see it soon on youtube or so ! Berlin sound's Like fun !