Sunday, October 24, 2010

Music Video PART 3 - Insights

So its Blog-time again :)
Yesterday I finished my VFX work on the musicvideo, so its almost release time. The producer told me it will be released by the end of the coming week. So I am pretty excited how it will turn out. I just got like 500frames to work on, which means I didnt see any of the rest of the video. So I too am psyched.

Here are some more pictures:

 I will definately post the video here, so please stay tuned and spread the word :)

Now the musicvideo is done, immediately the next project has begun. Its a fantasy short-film, with lots of matchmoving and vfx..More later

Best regards Arvid.

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  1. Nice Work once again !! Like it hope we can do some feature sometime !!