Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BA Studies project UPDATE

So, I finally started with my bachelor studies project. What follows is my topic, thesis and objective. The interior design is modeld in a work in progress forum here .

Topic: Photo-realistic simulation of an existing space.
Thesis: With the help of modern 3D applications, it is possible to generate a photo-realistic simulation of a real existing space within a week of work.
Objective: The experiment will examine whether it is possible to make a realistic simulation of an existing space with the help of 3D applications within seven days. The report documents the development, the progress, results and final evaluation of the experiment. The completion of the simulation, with the help of several 3D artists with an experience between three and four years with the 3D application - Autodesk Maya, will be carried out in order to achieve a more professional result. The realistic simulation will be demonstrated several interior designers, 3D artists and architects to carry out the comparison with a real and a virtual space so as to ensure whether the experiment has succeeded or failed. The goal is for users who work with 3D applications to show that it is possible for 3D artists in the central area of ​​experience to create an accurate simulation. Another goal is to prove that it is possible to replace the photo-camera with simulations to achieve an identical result. With a simulation it is easier, faster and cheaper for desired changes, rather than to take pictures of a living room again. The experiment is performed with the 3D application Maya 2011 Autodesk, Vray (as rendering engine) and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

recent images, check forum for the latest images.

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